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Patient information
Taking Normacol
What is Normacol?
Normacol is a form of natural fibre. It works by taking in moisture and bulking up your stool. It
does not work well unless it is taken with plenty of fluid.
Why do I need to take Normacol?
Taking Normacol aims to:
• Help control your bowels better
• Improve the consistency of your stool
• Improve the frequency with which you have your bowels open
• Reduce any need you have to rush to have your bowels open.
How do I take Normacol?
• To start with, take half a Normacol sachet once a day, perhaps just after breakfast. It works
better if you always take it at the same time every day. It is not ideal to take it just before
bedtime as you must take it with lots of fluid. We also recommend that you take it after your
meal, not before.
• One sachet is equivalent to one 5ml teaspoon (large pots of Normacol are often dispensed,
rather than sachets so may need to measure this out).
• To begin with, it may make you feel a bit full or slightly bloated, so just take it once a day until
you are used to it.
• After about one week, if it has not helped or has helped but not improved your bowels
significantly, increase the dose to half a sachet twice a day or one full sachet once a day.
• After a further few days, you may want to increase it gradually to one sachet twice a day - one
in the morning and one after lunch or tea.
• The dry granules can be placed on your tongue or sprinkled onto soft foods such as yoghurt or
jam, before you swallow them. Do not crush or chew the granules.
• After swallowing the granules, you need to wash them down with at least one pint (500mls) of
liquid. This can be a cool drink, such as water, squash or juice.
• Normacol only works well if it is taken regularly. It does not work well if doses are only taken
• People vary in the dose which they find best and take between half a sachet a day and two
sachets a day.
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Revised: January 2021 Planned review: January 2024
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How long do I take Normacol for?
• Unless it upsets you very badly, it is worth persevering with the Normacol for at least six
weeks, as it may take that length of time to make a consistent difference.
• Most people find the benefits of Normacol increase over time, sometimes months.
• Depending on the reason for taking it, you may be able to stop after about six months, once
the bowel has learnt a better pattern of behaviour. However, many people find that if they
stop, their symptoms return.
• There is no harm from taking Normacol long term.
Contact details
If you have questions about taking Normacol, please contact:
GIANTS (GI and Nutrition Team Service)
020 7811 8216 or 8106
A member of your medical team
Your Clinical Nurse Specialist
Pharmacy Medicines Helpline
via the Hotline below
Alternatively, please call
The Royal Marsden Macmillan Hotline:
020 8915 6899
(available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)