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The role of the Children
and Young People's
Oncology Outreach
and Symptom Care
Nurse Specialists
Information for parents,
carers and patients
The Children and Young People's
Oncology Outreach and Symptom
Care Nurse Specialists are known
as CYPOONS. We are a small team
of children's nurses with cancer
qualifications and specialist symptom
care knowledge and skills. We are
employed by, and based at The Royal
Marsden, Sutton.
We work across the South Thames
Region and you and your family will
have access to a named CYPOONS
following your child's initial diagnosis.
Within our role we:
• Work together with children and
young people under 19 years of age,
their families and carers by offering
symptom support and treatment
advice throughout their cancer journey
• Work alongside community services,
for example, Community Children's
Nurses (CCN), General Practitioners,
Health Visitors, School Nurses and
other healthcare professionals
• Work alongside psychosocial,
educational and voluntary sector
colleagues to provide a multi-
professional team approach to your
child's care
• Help improve quality of life, particularly
in relation to symptoms experienced
during and after cancer therapies
• Provide specialist symptom care
advice and support for professionals
involved in caring for the child with
advanced cancer.
First contact
Contact will be made with you at the
request of the medical and nursing
teams and/or from an allied health care
professional while your child is a patient
under the care of The Royal Marsden.
We can discuss any questions you may
have about your child's symptoms. The
CYPOONS may either be asked to review
your child's symptoms at a time you
are at The Royal Marsden or at the next
planned appointment or offer a home visit
as appropriate. Home visits are usually
carried out jointly with a CCN from your
local service.
School, nursery or college visit
Children and their families may feel
anxious about returning to nursery,
school or college. Children are
encouraged to return to education as
soon as treatment allows and they
feel well enough to attend. Links are
established with your child's school by
telephone, by The Royal Marsden based
teachers and/or your child's named key
worker. The CYPOONS or CCN can visit
educational settings to offer advice and
provide written information for teachers
and school nurses.
Complex symptom care
The CYPOONS work alongside a
Consultant Paediatrician to provide
specialist advice for the best possible
control of symptoms. These symptoms
may include pain, nausea and
vomiting, anxiety and constipation
that occur during your child's planned
treatment and beyond. The CYPOONS
offers a symptom care service for
those with advanced cancer, including
written care plans and symptom
advice. We work alongside our
nursing, medical and psychosocial
care colleagues at The Royal Marsden
and locally to achieve good symptom
Other support
Experiencing pain and other
symptoms can have a significant
impact on a person's emotional well-
being. Complex and sometimes
conflicting emotions can also be
experienced by close family members
who are involved in supporting a
child or sibling undergoing treatment.
Making time to look after yourself,
both mentally and physically is vital
in order to manage the experience
of cancer care as constructively as
As a team we know it can sometimes
be difficult to ask for professional
support with the 'emotional pain'
that you may be experiencing,
consequently, when referred to the
CYPOONS service, a member of the
psychology service will routinely make
contact with you and your family to
discuss help and support they may be
able to offer. This service is in addition
to the support you may already access
from your named CLIC Sargent social
The CYPOONS provide:
• Information, treatment, education
and symptom care relating to cancer
in children and young people
• Advice and support for the child
or young person and their families
throughout the treatment journey
• Advice and support for health and
allied health care professionals,
social care and teacher colleagues
• Formal education and teaching for
our multi-professional colleagues
• Management of complex symptom
care needs.
Your named CYPOONS is:
The CYPOONS team is available
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm:
Tel: 020 8661 3625
Email: patch.team@nhs.net
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